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iOSR grower reports crops poised for growth

Product Update
Chris Eglington's OSR - March 2018
After the snow has melted Chris Eglington's Norfolk OSR still looks exceptionally strong, and poised to resume growth interuppted by the cold snap.

iOSR grower Chris Eglington, reported they had about 18 cm of snow in his part of Norfolk, but where the banks and hedges were high it resulted in snow drifts up to three metres deep.

“I felt that my OSR had started some spring growth two or three days before the “Beast from the East” struck in early March, and reasonably confident it will start romping away now,” he commented. “My intention is to put on a PGR to reduce height in about 10 days time."

“When the snow came the smaller OSR plants on the headland were initially completely covered and protected, whereas the better plants with our wide rows were sticking out above the snow,” he said.

“But after the strong winds the headlands were then exposed, and that was where the pigeons then had a go at the smaller plants (below)," Chris added.

Chris Eglington's OSR - March 2018 - Pigeon damage on smaller headland plants

“Having said that we've been lucky and not had too much pigeon damage this year, although I think they're still hitting my neighbours harder than me.”

Chris Eglington

Chris (pictured above) added that he’s not in any hurry to get any fertiliser onto his OSR. “I took the advantage of the frozen better travelling conditions to put some ammonium sulphate onto my winter barley and second wheats I have not yet put any nitrogen on my OSR, when I do it will be 125kg ammonium sulphate/ha,” he said.

“I don't think we'll have any problem getting to GAI of 3.5 at flowering,” Chris added.

With regards to disease, he highlighted that samples of both Barbados and Elgar, taken on 21 November, showed Elgar Light Leaf Spot at 23% and Phoma 13%. Barbados has slightly lower LLS but the same Phoma, along with powdery mildew at 3%; he sprayed with prothioconazole on 24th of November.

Chris Eglington's OSR - March 2018 - Growing tips ready to move

More leaf samples across both varieties on 28 February came back with LLS at 20%. “I only took new leaf samples, so obviously have a fairly high disease problem, and intend to spray later this week, when I'm hoping ground conditions will allow,” he added.

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