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Hybrid barley again delivers excellent yields in on-farm comparisons

Product Update
Hyvido grain in hands

Independently-verified yield results from a nationwide network of on-farm comparisons showed hybrid barley yielded an average of an extra 0.94 t/ha over a range of conventional winter barleys in 2017.


Verified by ADAS, the results are the fourth year in a row that average Hyvido hybrid barley yields have exceeded those of the conventional winter barley varieties in these comparisons, says Syngenta seeds and seedcare campaign manager, Mark Bullen.


Previous results showed average yield advantages for Hyvido of an extra 1.06 t/ha in harvest 2016, an extra 0.88 t/ha in 2015, and an extra 0.59 t/ha in 2014, he points out.


“Over the four years of these comparisons, a range of different hybrids has been compared against a range of different conventional winter barley varieties,” explains Mr Bullen.



“The extra yield seen from Hyvido in these comparisons is consistent with the trend seen on the current AHDB winter barley Recommended List – where hybrid barleys hold the top three positions for the highest UK treated yield figures.


“Over the last two seasons, we have introduced a new generation of hybrids, such as Bazooka, Belfry and, new for this autumn, Sunningdale. These offer even higher yields than earlier-generation hybrid barleys,” he adds.