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Great results for Syngenta winter barley

Product Update

Winter malting barley

There are three AHDB Recommended winter malting barley varieties; ELECTRUM, CRAFT and SY VENTURE.  All of these come from the highly successful Syngenta malting barley breeding program which has produced a very strong winter portfolio, but also many of the mainstay spring barley malting varieties over the years such as QUENCH, NFC TIPPLE, PROPINO and more recently LAUREATE.

Of these Recommended winter malting barleys, ELECTRUM has the highest treated yield for both 2019 with 99% control means and over a 5 year average, with 97%. ELECTRUM has Provisional approval by the MBC for malting and will go through Pilot studies in Spring 2020. It has the potential to gain full MBC approval in June next year.

CRAFT is the highest yielding winter malting barley with full MBC approval for brewing. It has had a strong year with 2019 yields coming in 1% above its 5 year average.  As well as strong yields, CRAFT has excellent agronomics with very good straw strength, very high specific weight and importantly hugely improved screenings over the old standard SY VENTURE.  We expect CRAFT to overtake SY VENTURE as one of the biggest winter malting barley varieties on farm in 2020.


Craft malting barley

Hybrid barley

There are currently seven hybrid barley varieties on the 2019/20 AHDB Winter Barley Recommended List: BELMONT, SY KINGSBARN, BAZOOKA, BELFRY, SY BARACOODA, SUNNINGDALE and LIBRA.  This exciting portfolio of varieties continues to offer best-in-class yields to UK growers and a range of other agronomic benefits including improved grain quality, grassweed suppression and early maturity.  Indeed, the top six varieties on the current Recommended List are all hybrids. 

In 2019, the hybrids have continued to extend their track record of success by delivering big yields in trials this year.  In parallel, many growers have brought this high yield potential to life on farms across the UK.  As a result, the top seven high-performing varieties in 2019 AHDB Recommended List trials were all hybrids including SY KINGSTON.  This exciting variety, which is a candidate for Recommendation later this year, offers high yield potential in combination with good grain quality.  Looking ahead, we continue to work hard to breed, and develop, a strong pipeline of competitive varieties for UK growers.

SY Kingsbarn

SY Kingsbarn hybrid barley