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A Good Start for Winter Malting Barley

Product Update

There are now over half of the AHDB winter barley trials available on the website ( These 15 sites give a good indication of how trials have fared in 2019, and so far the results look promising, with yields averaging 10.24t/ha across all sites so far. 

Like many of the feed varieties, the winter malting barley varieties have yielded well.  Electrum is retaining its position as the highest yielding winter malting barley at 99% treated control means, 2% above its 5 year mean.  Craft is proving again to be very consistent, coming in at 96%CMs it equals its 5 year mean.  Both of these Recommended varieties are performing well against the old standard of SY Venture, which has yielded 92%CM, just 1% behind its 5 year average of 93%.

treated yields


The winter malting barleys with FULL on the MBC approved list are Flagon, SY Venture and Craft, all of these come from the Syngenta breeding program.  Over 22% of malt purchased from Harvest 2018 was Flagon, the largest amount by any variety, this was followed by SY Venture taking 19.3% and the third highest purchased winter malting barley was Craft.


Malting Barley Committee Approved List Harvest 2020


Winter Varieites for Brewing Use

Spring Varieties for Brewing Use

Spring Varieties for Malt Distilling Use

Spring Varieties for Grain Distiling Use

Full Aproval


SY Venture 




RGT Planet




KWS Sassy


LG Diablo



Provisional Approval 2


LG Diablo

RGT Asteroid

RGT Asteroid

RGT Asteroid

Provisional Approval 1






Craft was bred as a replacement for SY Venture, with bigger bolder grains and reduced screening.  It is set to become one of the most popular winter malting barleys, and had the largest amount of certified seed for any winter malting barley in harvest 2019.  Craft will have contracts available in 2020 from the majority of English maltsters.   


In June 2019, Electrum was given Provisional (P2) approval for brewing by the MBC, Syngenta hopes it will join Flagon, SY Venture and Flagon and gain Full approval in June next year.  For harvest 2020 there will be a limited number of contracts available.

With more results to come in soon, keep an eye out for more the latest results on the AHDB website.  We are excited to see the Spring Barley results soon to see how Syngenta’s varieties Laureate, Propino and Fairing are doing this year.

Kath Hamlen

Article by Kathryn Hamlen, Syngenta Technical Manager Conventional Cereals