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First AHDB results show Sunningdale's suitability to the North

Product Update
Combining Hybrid Barley

Harvest results from AHDB’s trial sites are coming in thick and fast with 12 winter barley sites published. The average yield across all sites is currently 10.34 t/ha, 0.4 t/ha above the 5 year average.  

The hybrid barley varieties are performing well across the whole of the UK with Sunningdale standing out in the North. At St Boswells in the Scottish Borders, Sunningdale topped the charts with a yield of 11.54 t/ha; an advantage of 7% over the next highest yielding variety. 

At Balgonie in Fife, Sunningdale performed well again, finishing ahead of all but one of the other recommended varieties. Belfry, (another hybrid barley) took the top spot.

Meanwhile, the seed cost for a lower-performing conventional barley variety has risen to around 80 £/ha whilst the cost of hybrid varieties have been held static. Consequently, the premium required to buy seed of a higher-performing hybrid variety has reduced. A good example would be Sunningdale which has a Recommended Retail Price of 99 £/ha. 2018 could therefore be the ideal time to try the hybrid varieties if you have not grown them before.

If you’ve grown a hybrid barley variety in the North this year, add your harvest results to our interactive map for a chance to win a trip to Germany to visit the CLAAS factory and see combine manufacturing in action.