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Choosing the right variety is key for later drilling

Product Update
Shabras winter wheat harvest

Whether it’s due to unpredictable weather conditions or following potato harvest, some growers may need to consider drilling winter wheat as late as November. Choosing a variety that suits these conditions is key.

Shabras, a hard group 4 winter wheat variety, is well suited to later drilling due to its high tillering ability. When looking at AHDB trial results from sites drilled on or after 10th October, Shabras’ yield stands at 103% control means.  This equates to an average of 10 t/ha across 12 AHDB trial sites, just behind its new team mate Gleam.

Late drilling wheat yields

Shabras is also a good second wheat. According to provisional AHDB results for harvest 18 Shabras is within the top 4 for second wheat yield and also offers a strong eyespot rating. If you’re considering a second wheat, then Shabras is a very good option for you.

“We’ve been impressed with Shabras’ performance in trials this year, once again this variety has shown its place as a late drilling variety with the ability to yield in all conditions and all regions.”

Kath Hamlen, Seeds Technical Manager

A variety with the flexibility for late drilling that also offers early maturity is an attractive combination for many growers, Shabras ticks that box!