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The best performing wheats for later drilling

Product Update

Early to mid-October is often the prime drilling time for winter wheats, however the recent wet weather may have slowed drilling activities down for many.  Nevertheless, there are still some great options for high yielding feed wheats that will really perform when drilled into November. 

Below is a quick snap shot of where the Syngenta wheats fit on farm and how to get the best from them in a later drilling situation.

First or second wheat?

  • To get the most from Graham, first wheat is its favoured position
  • Gleam will perform for you in both a first or second wheat situation
  • Shabras excels as a second wheat

Disease resistance?

  • Graham is Syngenta’s most disease resistant variety, with an excellent Septoria tritici rating of 6.9 and a yellow rust rating of 8
  • Gleam and Shabras have strong Septoria tritici ratings, both with high 6s, and yellow rust ratings of 7s
  • Gleam has the added bonus of OWBM resistance

None of the Syngenta wheats have seedling resistance to yellow rust so will all require a T0 with rust activity in high pressure situations… if you see it, spray it!

Late Drilling?

  • Gleam is an excellent option the later you are planning to drill.  With its highly adaptable drilling window, it will provide strong yields from early September through to December
  • Graham and Shabras will drill well into November, however compared to Gleam, the later you drill these two varieties, the more significant difference in yield you might see

Seed Rate

By now, many people will have selected their winter wheat varieties, in order to maintain yields, a higher seed rate may help mitigate establishment losses where drilling has been delayed. B

Below is Syngenta's seed rate advice for October and November.



New Kid on the block... 

The new AHDB RL will be released later this year and Syngenta have a new offering in the feed wheat sector, SY INSITOR. Here are a few things you should know:

  • Very high yielding hard feed wheat
  • Brings an increase in specific weight over the current top yielding hard feeds
  • Strong yellow rust and Septoria tritici ratings with OWBM resistance
  • Excellent yields across the country and in all rotational positions

Look out for SY Insitor when the new RL is released, and come see it at all Syngenta Innovation Centres next year.