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Benchmark your winter wheat yields against others in your area

Product Update
Reflection yield map

New hard feed winter wheat Reflection has produced some excellent results this harvest, despite being a challenging season disease-wise.

We have been recording its on-farm performance on our yield map. Many people have been pleasantly surprised. There have been plenty of reports of it delivering between 10 and 11 t/ha on-farm, as well as specific weights of well over 76 kg/hl. Also, one of the standout features that we heard about was how easy Reflection was to combine. Reports suggested it threshed easily and produced a lovely grain sample. On top of this, our own trials revealed that Reflection yielded 12.5 t/ha at our Innovation Centre in East Anglia, and between 11.7 t/ha and 10 t/ha at our trials in the Midlands and the South.

So, both in trials and on-farm, Reflection has shown it can deliver the goods.


What do other farmers say?

Doug McCowan, Shropshire

“We harvested 80 ha of Reflection averaging 10 t/ha. Considering all the hype about yellow rust I think that was reasonable. My best Reflection field did 10.75 t/ha. I will be growing it again.”


Jeff Bradshaw (representing Harper's Brook farms), Northamptonshire

“Our four fields of Reflection averaged 10.65 t/ha across 67 ha. It was a good, clean sample and threshed well. Specific weight was 78 kg/hl. We are growing it again.”


David Watson, Cockle Park Farm & Research Station, Northumberland

“Our Reflection has done very well indeed. It has looked well all season and has certainly done over 10 t/ha – possibly closer to 11 t/ha – and will have beaten our five-year average yield. We haven’t had any extra fungicide costs either.”


Philip Partridge, Suffolk

“Our highest-yielding Reflection did 10.75 t/ha, and on average it did 10 t/ha. It was easy to harvest and a lovely bright sample. I said I wasn’t writing it off until it was in the shed, so it’s nice to see that it delivered. I’ve got some more pencilled in.”


Andrew Woolley, Wiltshire

“Our Reflection yielded 10.8 t/ha weighed in the store. Specific weight was 79 kg/hl. It combined easily and was a lovely sample. I was very impressed.”