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Award for Excellence for SDHI fungicide, ELATUS™ ERA

Product Update

Syngenta’s new SDHI fungicide ELATUS™ ERA has been awarded the Farmers Guide ‘Award for Excellence’.  

Chosen by Dominic Kilburn, Farmers Guide arable editor, the awards specifically highlight excellence within the industry in 2016. 

“What really impressed us was Syngenta’s commitment to a product that has taken over 11 years to deliver on-farm,” says Mr Kilburn.

“New actives are hard to come by these days, but they’re critical for the long-term viability and competitiveness of farms and farmers.

“ELATUS™ ERA offers growers an improved option over current standards for protecting a range of cereal crops against key diseases.

“Something that also really stood out for us was the fact Syngenta have a very clear understanding of the active ingredient’s mode of action. How it interacts with the leaf surface and speed of movement within the leaf system, contributing to enhanced, persistent disease control, which is vital when it comes to staying on top of yield-robbing diseases.

“This coming season will be the real test as farmers start to use it on a large scale, but ELATUS™ ERA has the potential to really shake up the T2 market,” says Mr Kilburn.

Andrew Curtis, Syngenta’s cereal fungicide campaign manager, received the award at a ceremony held in Suffolk. “It’s no mean feat bringing a new active to market, and to have the recognition for this is a great achievement for everyone who has been involved in the ELATUS™ ERA project.

“As a T2 fungicide with proven, long-lasting disease control, we’re really excited to see the product being used commercially this year to control both Septoria and rusts,” says Mr Curtis.