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Another strong year for hybrid yields

Product Update
Winter hybrid barley at harvest

Early indications suggest hybrid winter barleys have once again turned in some good yields this harvest, says Syngenta barley campaign manager, Mark Bullen.


Although some winter barley yields may be variable this season, he says newer hybrids in particular have performed well – comparing favourably with conventional two-row winter barley, following a similar trend to previous years.


“We had a difficult, dry spring this season, with many cereal crops struggling,” says Mr Bullen. “But I think we’re seeing the effects of good root growth from hybrids, with their hybrid vigour.



“Bigger root structures are associated with improved scavenging for soil moisture and nutrients. We may also be seeing the effects of enhanced weed suppression with hybrid vigour, which is something we’ve seen before.


“Certainly, the new hybrid Hyvido Sunningdale has turned in some good yields. As too have Hyvido Bazooka and Hyvido Belfry.


“Previously, grain counts have found that hybrid barley produces high numbers of grains per ear – for example 61 compared with 26 in a conventional two-row winter barley,” Mr Bullen concludes.