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Wet weather hampers drilling at Innovation Centres

Innovation Centres

Shropshire – Wheat and barley was drilled on 10 October and is now at about GS11/12. The 2nd drilling of barley for the BYDV trial was made on 31 October (in the dark!). We will be looking at difference between drilling dates and the incidence of BYDV in this trial, if we can get the rest of the trial site drilled - a huge challenge this autumn.

The broad-leaved crop in the inter-crop trial has started to emerge but has taken its toll from rooks, so a bird scarer has been deployed.

The Vibrance Duo trial is showing very little differences against the standard competitor.

Warwick – Has not gone according to plan, the drill took a turn for the worse and got stuck! Assistance was required from the farmer to get the drill out of the field, and this site is still yet to be drilled.

Oxford – the winter barley, winter wheat, hybrid rye and beans were drilled on 31 October with seedbed conditions as good as can be expected for this very wet autumn. The volunteer spring barley is showing high levels of net blotch going into the next crop.

The grass car park is looking good though…


We also have a ryegrass pre-em residual site in Staffordshire which was drilled on 10 October and sprayed. The barley has emerged quicker than the wheat, but where a big pre-em stack was applied the crop has been slower to emerge than the untreated.

Barton ­– part of this heavy land site was drilled on 31 October, then the weather closed in again. Waiting for a window of opportunity, but this may be a while coming. Some of these trial fields may well become spring crops.

Rougham – all drilled that can be drilled, but the later drill timings may become spring crops even though this is a lighter soil. It is still extremely wet.

Beeswax – drilled on 31 October into the same field as last year due to swans on the proposed field. Have only drilled three fifths of the planned trials. Let’s hope for a dry spell, then the remainder can be drilled.

Doncaster ryegrass site – All drilled 30 October into probably not ideal seedbed conditions. The majority of the pre-ems have been sprayed, just the different pre-em timings and the post-em’s to go on, just need the ryegrass to emerge now!

All in all, this probably reflects what growers are experiencing across the whole country.