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Wet weather continues to hold back applications

Innovation Centres
Muddy conditions in Shropshire
Muddy conditions in Shropshire

The unusually cold weather in early March initially held back growth in many crops, but with temperatures now warming up things are beginning to move. The current challenge for us now is the recent deluge of rain. In March, some areas saw five inches of rain which continued into April and all the Syngenta Innovation Centres have reported delays due to being unable to travel. Winter barley T0 may now have to merge with T1, and whilst some of our winter wheat has received a T0 over the past week, some will also change to T1. This is likely to be the same for many farmers across the country.

Although frustrating, farmers will still be on schedule if they adjust their adaptive disease management plan. If T0 wasn’t possible due to the rain, it is important to ensure the T1 application is more robust as a result. This can be done by increasing dose rates or combining the two treatments – it depends on the situation. For example, if a lot of established yellow rust is being seen, ensure there is sufficient curative fungicide in the mix.

“Although conditions remain wet, we’re seeing good establishment across the sites. Nitrogen application has also been delayed in many cases, which needs to be taken into account when making recommendations. Barley T1 is being applied after missing some T0 applications. We are also adjusting PGR inputs – crucial at this stage of crop development.”

- Field Technical Manager Iain Hamilton 

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