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Watch out there's Phoma about!

Innovation Centres


Phoma has been spotted at our Rougham Innovation Centre, near Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk this week. Early phoma epidemics are the most damaging to yield and typically put 0.5 t/ha of yield at risk, rapid re-infection in the autumn can also reduce yields. Infection on a small leaf has a shorter distance to travel to reach the stem and cause cankers. PLOVER at 0.25 l/ha remains a good solution for Phoma control once the 10% infection threshold is reached. Another application of PLOVER at 0.25 l/ha can be applied again later in the season if threshold reached, or if LLS becomes an issue. Two half rate sprays of PLOVER (0.25 l/ha) have been proven to be more effective than one full dose application.

We’ll be monitoring Phoma levels across our variety screens throughout the autumn. More updates from our iOSR site to follow, where we will be catching up with Georgie Wood, Syngenta Technical Manager for more iOSR insights in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!