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Triticale reaches GS30 at Rougham

Innovation Centres
A photograph of Triticale at growth stage thirty at Rougham Innovation Centre
Triticale reaches GS30 at Syngenta's Rougham Innovation Centre - the most forward crop on the site

The lingering cold and wet weather has caused slower growth and delayed nitrogen applications across the country. However, at Syngenta’s Rougham Innovation Centre near Bury St Edmunds, the site is recovering well and looking good overall, following an application of 100 kg of nitrogen last week. 

Aerial shot of Rougham Innovation Centre

The barley on the site is at tillering to GS29 and has received its T0 application. Small amounts of mildew have been spotted across the barley with Bazooka showing the odd speck of brown rust. Barley is less able to recover than wheat from early disease effects at tillering, so should be monitored carefully as part of adaptive disease management.

- Senior Field Technical Manager, James Southgate

Photograph of barley after T0 application

Wheat is also still tillering with some T0 application starting this week on the forward varieties. It is reassuring to see the yellow rust found in February has not reappeared yet, after the cold weather slowed it down. However, mildew is present and Septoria has been spotted on lower leaves.

Photograph of forward wheat varieties

The Triticale on the site is doing very well and is the most forward crop on the site – being the first to reach GS30. Rye is not far behind, also receiving T0 this week.

Photograph showing a close up shot of Triticale

At Syngenta’s Luton site, TOs were applied this week in perfect conditions. The crop is looking mostly clean and growing very rapidly. In contrast, a T0 application trial was marked out at the Oxford Innovation Centre in a very wet field. With the crop currently at GS29, application will begin next week if they can travel.

Photograph of Luton T0 application trial site

Photograph of T0 application trial site being marked out in very wet conditions at the Oxford Innovation Centre

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Description and photo of Senior Field Technical Manager, James Southgate