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TOPREX applied at stem extension has significantly shorterned the OSR plots at the Newark Innovation Centre.

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TOPREX vs Proline
TOPREX vs Proline

Variety - Charger 

Date - 18.04.2016

As you can see from the photo TOPREX has shortened the crop significantly. The treatment also appears to have synchronised flowering. Canopy management is vital in OSR crops to avoid lodging and maximise potential yield. TOPREX is a plant growth regulator and fungicide with contact and systemic activity against Phoma leaf spot and Light leaf spot (Pyrenopeziza brassicae) in winter oilseed rape.

By manipulating the canopy you can improve standing strength and optimise yields. The biggest height control benefits of TOPREX appear to be achieved when applied at stem extension however, later applications have also resulted in yield benefits. Fields with low plant counts would be more likely to benefit from the later TOPREX timing - at early green bud, GS51. The aim of this application is less about height reduction and reducing lodging but more to even up the crop and synchronise flowering to achieve the maximum potential of all the side shoots. By synchronising flowering it also reduces the crops exposure to pollen beetle damage which have been found in huge numbers this year.