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Time for Cereal and OSR fungicides at Rougham

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Winter wheat varieties growth habits
Many different growth habits for winter wheat varieties

Location - Rougham

Date - 31.03.17

Winter Wheat

We're seeing lots of Septoria in lower leaves in most varieties at the site, and yellow rust is starting to get into the crop, thriving in the conditions of warm days and night dews:

Winter wheat SeptoriaWinter wheat yellow rust

Dickens – Leaf 4 75% emerged
Kielder – Leaf 4 25% emerged
Reflection – Leaf 4 100% emerged

Winter wheat dissection

As leaf 4 is fully emerged for Relflection, its T0 application was made today, including CHEROKEE with its triazole element to control rusts, and MODDUS to increase rooting for better anchorage, nutrient and water uptake and drought tolerance.

The blue paint is used as an indicator of spray timing - we'll be able to look back at this later in the season to decide whether the correct leaf was targeted with the T0 application:

Reflection T0 blue paint

Winter Barley

Bazooka Hybrid Barley is at GS31. Leaf 3 25% emerged – will be T1 soon:

Winter barley leaf dissection

Spring Barley and Spring Beans

Spring crops were drilled yesterday (30th March).

Oilseed Rape

Different flowering times for different OSR varieties – Time for first AMISTAR spray:

OSR Amistar timing

Max Hazell