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Testing times in rye-grass drilling trial

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Drilling at rye-grass site

Andy Cunningham, North Technical Triallist enlisted Joe Bagshaw, West Technical Triallist to assist in the later drilling timing trial where Andy is comparing early vs later drilling and the effect this has on the amount of rye-grass emerging.

The two plots were cultivated in October, one was drilled on 2 Oct 2018 and then both sprayed off with glyphosate after the initial flush of rye-grass, says Andy. The earlier drilling had a pre-em application. The later drilling took place on 5 Nov 2018, this will hopefully have a pre-em.

Both early and late drilled plots had the seed treated with Vibrance Duo and an SPD. Andy is looking for speed of emergence here with the Vibrance Duo.


Amount of rye-grass emerged after cultivation at the beginning of October. This was sprayed off 3 days ago and seed drilled into this today.