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Susceptible varieties treated to reduce yellow rust

Innovation Centres
Photograph of yellow rust seen in winter wheat at Syngenta's Luton platform site
Yellow rust seen in winter wheat at Syngenta's Luton platform site

Overall, crops are growing well on at Syngenta’s Luton platform site with T0 applied last week in near perfect conditions. With patches of yellow rust seen in the winter wheat, rust active triazoles were among the treatments applied at this research site. These trial plots, when compared to untreated trial areas, allow the Syngenta Trials Team to continue monitoring the efficacy of existing fungicides (both stand alone and as a programme), as well as researching and developing new, highly effective products and programmes.

Photograph of Barrel on the left and Reflection on the right at the Luton platform site

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Description of Syngenta traillist, Simon Gardiner