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Stamford Innovation Centre – Variety Fungicide Trials

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There has been some rain at the site in the last week which may encourage some Septoria in the susceptible varieties, but at present very little disease to speak of except in the untreated, where yellow rust is still active.

The farmer’s crop around the trials is Graham, drilled in October, and is looking stressed in parts possibly due to compaction and drought. Where it’s compacted, some ears are bleached and have blind grain sites, which could possibly be Fusarium.

There are a number of disease trials set up at the site, we have Dunston and Elation focusing on different fungicide programmes to suit the varietal susceptibilities, ie yellow rust and Septoria. The untreated Dunston is full of yellow rust, as to be expected, but very little Septoria in the Elation to date. In the treated plots, there is little difference in the fungicide programmes. These trials will be monitored on a weekly basis until harvest now and hopefully we can pull out some differences.

Stamford IC variety fungicide trials

Then we have winter wheat varieties of SY Insitor, Graham, Crusoe & Gravity that all had the same T0 of Amistar and Proline + folpet at T1, but the T2’s (applied 22 May) were based on different fungicide options, both old and new. T3 was Prosaro. Again, not a lot of differences to see, but we will continue to update up until harvest.

The next plots of winter wheat had all the same T0’s, with different fungicides at T1 & T2, looking at whether a T1 application or a T2 will hold disease for longer and give better yields at the end of the day. Funnily enough, the plot that had Elatus Era + folpet at T1 followed by Aviator + folpet at T2 was holding its green leaf longer and had no active yellow rust compared to the other fungicide options. Suggesting that Elatus Era would possibly be better suited at T1, protecting the crop before a further T2 application.

We also have plots with the same T0 & T1, for example Amistar x 2, then the T2 was Aviator. Again, little differences in any of the plots as yet.

There is some crop safety work being carried out here too, where multi-way tank mixes are being tested, there was some crop effect in a few plots, crops looked shorter in parts of the plots, but this also may be down to soil type differing or compaction.

We will update you again shortly on this site, and hopefully there will be more differences to see as we head towards harvest.

Stamford Innovation Centre – Variety Fungicide Trials

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