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So much to see at Barton Black-Grass Innovation Centre

Innovation Centres

Along with the field showing different cultivation techniques and the impact this has on black-grass emergence, different drills have been used in another field, we’ve reviewed the effect of moisture on pre-em efficacy in another, as well as  the ‘Cricket cover’ plots looking at moisture and effect of pre-ems in certain situations.

  In addition we have:

  1. A long term project looking at the effects of pre-em stacking vs sequencing on black-grass efficacy, against different cultivation techniques.
  2. A small plot trial comparing different seed rates for Shabras, Gleam, and Graham winter wheat and the impact of early vs later drilling.
  3. A trial looking at the difference between a small plot drill and a conventional farm drill. Do we need to adapt  our seed rate information based on small plot drills?
  4. Impact of drilling depth on emergence and pre-em efficacy with sequencing and stacking, drilling at 1, 3 and 5 cms. Pre-em timings: within 48 hrs of drilling, 7 days after drilling, 14 days after drilling and 21 days after drilling.
  5. A North to South and East to West drilling trial, looking at light intensity and the effect this has on black-grass.
  6. Looking at cover crops and the impact of different drilling techniques, and effects of spraying off timings.

Come along to our Black-grass Innovation Centre open days 5th and 18th June 2019. You can also follow us on Twitter #GrassweedDiaries.