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Snow leaves crops looking cold and limp

Innovation Centres
A photo of recent snowfall at Syngenta's Stamford Innovation Centre
The remains of recent snow at Syngenta’s Stamford Innovation Centre.

The recent heavy snowfall has left crops in many areas looking cold and limp but not in the least irretrievable.

UK Field Biologist, Ben Urquhart

Other than some slight purple colouring, the winter wheat at the Stamford Innovation Centre doesn’t appear to have suffered too much. Yellow rust continues to hang on in some older leaves but not in the newer growth.

A photo of winter wheat showing leaves with a purple hue and yellow rust

The oilseed rape varieties are also ready for some warmth with some white scarring being seen but will grow away from this. Charger is the most forward variety, with many plants at or beyond GS31, with Campus not far behind and Flamingo (below) bringing up the rear.

A photo of oilseed rape Flamingo variety showing some white scarring

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