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Shropshire Innovation Centre (The Arable Event)

Innovation Centres

Wynnstay Arable held their annual Arable Event on Wednesday 19th June over in Shropshire. Syngenta are one of the main sponsors, and this is one of our Innovation Centres, where we showcased our new and old wheat and barley varieties. Syngenta staff were talking all things application, Vibrance Duo and BYDV Assist, the new app to predict aphid thresholds and knowing when to spray.

This event has, over the years, turned into a mini-Cereals with over 60 exhibitors, from machinery manufacturers to banks! It was attended by 600-800 visitors this year, in main due to the rain holding off for the day and the potential threat of thunderstorms.

The Summer/Autumn Syngenta handbooks went down very well with those who were on the BASIS trail where most of the answers were hidden!

On the field tours there was Scott Cockburn, Syngenta Business Manager talking about why growers should grow Hybrid barleys against conventional. Talking about early entry for oilseed rape after hybrid barley and also the suppression of grass weeds.


Kate Cobbold, Syngenta Seed & Seed Treatment Key Account Manager showcased some of the Syngenta Hybrid barley varieties, Bazooka as the mainstay hybrid, but also introducing SY Kingsbarn as the new hybrid for 2019 on the RL. ‘High yields and very good specific weight, makes this variety a very good option’, Kate commented. It also has very good resistance to lodging and a good disease profile.

‘If you’re not growing a hybrid and would like to, then Bazooka is a good variety to try with yields of 107% over control’, according to Kate.

Rob Farrow, Syngenta Business Team Leader, gave an insight into ‘life after neonicotinoids’, showing growers why Vibrance Duo, the seed treatment from Syngenta, will help mitigate the effect of aphids preventing BYDV.

‘Drilling later, Rob advises, and treating with Vibrance Duo ensures the crops get out of the ground and establish quicker’.

Rob showed the crowd some pictures of better rooting with Vibrance Duo vs SPD. This enables the crop to scavenge for nutrients and moisture if it’s a very dry autumn.

Sam Brooke, Syngenta National Seed and Seed Treatment Manager, demonstrated Syngenta and competitor wheat varieties, focusing on Shabras and Gleam, new out of the Syngenta stable.

There were working machinery demonstrations and also a moisture meter clinic. Plenty of food, drink and ice creams to be had too!

A great show with lots of interest. One not to be missed next year.