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See the light for Ryegrass research

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Ryegrass seedlings
Ryegrass plants are more competitive than Black-grass and a greater ability to spread, but new trials at the Syngenta Ryegrass Focus Site are looking at techniques for more effective control

The Syngenta Ryegrass Focus Site in Yorkshire is beginning to show some clear differences between some of the innovative Integrated Crop Management techniques, and herbicide treatments being trialled.

Come and see the results at the March Ryegrass Focus Site Open Day

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The site's manager, Andy Cunningham, is passionate about Ryegrass, and exploring ways to tackle the challenge of a weed that is both more competitive than Black-grass and has the capability to proliferate faster.

Andy Cunningham

And as growers struggle to contain its spread and increasingly cope with resistance issues, the solutions he's putting to the test will become ever more important.

In the latest of Andy's site visit videos, he highlights that hybrid barley plants, in a trial to assess the value of the crop's competitive nature, are set to be progressively burnt off through the season with just the Ryegrass left - which will give a clear picture of just what effect the barley had been having at each growth stage.

Watch Andy’s video here

"This knowledge could help growers' time management decisions to best expolit the benefit of Hybrid barley in restricting Ryegrass effects and seed production."

Furthermore, Andy's trials looking at light interception to supress Ryegrass, simply by drilling crops east to west, rather than north to south, is showing significant differences in the amount of light penetrating down to the weeds.

"We are going to have some great data to share from the trial's light loggers embedded in the crop."

Other trials on the Doncaster site are looking at the implications of delayed drilling, along with herbicide options.

"The stand-out performer has been Defy at 5l/ha, which has given a clear boost to the pre-em stack for Ryegrass," advised Andy.

The trials are also looking at mixes, including how best to integrate Defy with pendimethalin and triallate, along with other comparative options.

Come and see the results at the March Ryegrass Focus Site Open Day

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