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Rooting benefits of VIBRANCE DUO®

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‘Drilling later is not just a practise to create a stale seedbed to avoid high grassweed pressure but with the loss of Deter next year, it also enables us to avoid peak aphid flights, which are the main vectors for BYDV’ comments Andy Cunningham, Syngenta Triallist.

‘We want to see if the effect of Vibrance Duo helps the crop grow away quickly from any pests or diseases. Hence, limiting the need for foliar insecticides.’

Vibrance Duo is Syngenta’s new cereal seed treatment containing fludioxonil and sedaxane for the control of seed and soil borne diseases. In addition to disease control, Vibrance Duo treated winter wheat emerges faster than the SPD and has longer and stronger rooting. This enables the crop to get away from pests (aphids and slugs) and diseases quicker.

In this trial Andy is looking at the rooting benefits of Vibrance Duo vs competitor SPD and as you can see, the Vibrance Duo treated plant roots are looking healthier and stronger. Watch this space for the later drilled differences…