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North in need of nitrogen

Innovation Centres
A photo of Syngenta's Crockey Hill Innovation Centre near York taken from the air, showing waterlogging from the recent harsh weather
Waterlogged ground at Syngenta's Crockey Hill Innovation Centre near York

The continued cold weather in the north has delayed the application of much-needed nitrogen at Syngenta’s Crockey Hill Innovation Centre near York. Trialling Field Tech Specialist, Andy Cunningham, is hoping to do a first application later this week if there’s a break in the rain.

Our winter wheat is looking as good as can be expected but needs perking up with nitrogen. And the purple hue indicates a lack of phosphate; another application waiting for some drier weather.

Trialling Field Tech Specialist, Andy Cunningham

A photo of winter wheat at Syngenta's York Innovation Centre

The winter barley plots are also hungry for nitrogen to stimulate tiller formation. The plots drilled in October are still ahead of those drilled in November with the conventional varieties looking like they need more feeding than their hybrid counterparts.

Two comparative photos showing winter barley drilled in October further ahead of winter barley drilled in November

Disease-wise, yellow rust is still absent with mildew and small amounts of Septoria the main issues. Not surprisingly mildew has been knocked back somewhat after the recent cold weather and snow. This also means with nothing germinating at the moment, weed emergence has been minimal.

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