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Nitrogen giving crops a much-needed boost after cold, wet weather

Innovation Centres
Photograph of nitrogen trial plots at Syngenta's Beeswax Innovation Centre
Nitrogen trial plots at Syngenta's Beeswax Innovation Centre

Triallists at Syngenta’s Beeswax Innovation Centre are seeing good results from the early March nitrogen applications on winter barley. The site is due to receive a second application as soon as it is dry enough for the sprayer to travel. Spring barley plots were drilled at the end of March with the crop just beginning to emerge.

Although much of the site is still wet, it has moved on significantly in the last couple of weeks, with wheat at GS30+. Height charts have been erected to plot future growth.

Photo of height charts set up in wheat variety plots

In the late-drilled wheat varieties, plots treated with Vibrance Duo (l) are also showing good growth.

Photo showing enhanced growth in a Shabras wheat plot treated with Vibrance Duo

Yellow rust has reappeared in some susceptible varieties of winter wheat following the cold snap, with Septoria easy to find on the older leaves of all varieties. Brown rust is also easy to find on the hybrid barley.

Photo of brown rust seen in hybrid barley

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