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Moisture trials involving 'Cricket covers'

Innovation Centres
Cricket Covers

Purpose made ‘Cricket covers’ have been erected at Syngenta’s Barton Innovation Centre, looking at the amount of moisture required for pre-emergence herbicides to work effectively and also when is the right time to apply them?

Shabras winter wheat drilled on 21 October treated with Vibrance Duo. The crop and some Black-grass is emerging under the covers where it is warm.

4 metre plots have either been placed under cover, in normal weather conditions or been fully watered (surface is always moist).

Pre-ems were applied 48 hrs after drilling, 7 days after drilling, 14 days after drilling , 21 days after drilling (peri-em to post-em) to see impact on black-grass control across these different timings and under different moisture scenarios.

There are 2 plots with ‘Cricket covers’, one will have no water for 8 weeks to see the effect of pre-ems on black-grass control. The other had no water for 4 weeks, this will then be moved to a fully watered plot, again to see the impact of timing and efficacy of pre-ems.

Cricket cover trial at Barton

More scenarios for post-emergence applications to come. Watch this space or follow us on Twitter #syngentauk.