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Local demo days showcase exciting arable innovations

Innovation Centres
Solatenol Demo Days

Exciting crop innovations and in depth conversations on how arable varieties perform, interact and suit farmers, were very much the talk of Syngenta’s summer demo days held up and down the country throughout June and July.  
With several hundred farmers and agronomists attending their local Syngenta Innovation Centres or Platform Sites, the open days provided a great opportunity for them to see what’s new in the sector, what's around the corner, and most importantly, how these innovations perform in their local area. 

Syngenta Technical Indication Expert, Jason Tatnell, explained that they were excited to be able to preview SOLATENOL™, their powerful new SDHI fungicide for the first time at each of the events.  

“Farmers really want confidence that new products and varieties are going to deliver at a local level in their situation, under a similar climate and weather conditions. 

“That’s why local technical events like the open days we have held this summer are so important to help farmers make informed crop decisions for the coming season, based on local knowledge and experience,” he added. 

“In the trials it has delivered consistent yield results due to the complete leaf protection inside and outside the leaf against key diseases farmers’ face. We are awaiting the 2016 (this seasons) yield results from each of the sites, but all looks promising at this stage,” he adds.  

“At each of the events we also had giant 3D electron microscopy images on display that really demonstrate how quickly Septoria and brown rust disease takes hold inside the leaf if left untreated, way before farmers can see any visual signs of damage on the leaf. 

“Everyone seemed really engaged, and were surprised that these were real images and not computer generated. There is no substitute for seeing how products and crop varieties actually perform.”
Mr Tatnell also explained how Syngenta have been running a prize draw competition at all their demo days this summer. “We’ve been running a competition for attendees to be entered into a draw to win a trip of a lifetime to South America, the first continent to launch SOLATENOL™.

“This is a really exciting opportunity for the lucky winner to see first-hand how SOLATENOL™ is already performing for growers across the globe. The winner will be announced later this summer, so we will wait and see who our winner will be,” he added.  

For those interested to see more local field trial work this season, and know more about SOLATENOL™, please get in touch with your local Syngenta area manager, and visit