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Kilham Innovation Centre Update, May 2022

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Kilham IC site May 2022
Kilham IC site May 2022

The winter wheat and winter oat plots received their T1s on 28/04/22 with some disease starting to develop. T2s are currently planned for week commencing 23/05/22 with the potential to be sprayed at the back end of next week depending on growth stages and weather.

In the untreated variety plots we are starting to see hotspots of yellow rust developing. Affected varieties include Kinetic, Sundance and Skyfall. The SY varieties such as Gleam, Graham, Insitor and Shabras are all looking clean of yellow rust so far. Septoria is present in the lower leaves of most varieties and hopefully with the rain which came last night and also forecast today it should begin to move up the plant again.

Kilham IC site disease May 2022

The winter barley plots received their T1s on 24/04/22. Like most barley it then went a little nuts and shot through growth stages like there's no tomorrow. So with a much appreciated helping hand from Field Technical Manager, Andy Cunningham, the barley plots got their T2 sprays on 05/05/22. The final bio-stimulant applications to barley will be applied in the next week or two.

The winter drilled Propino plots are full of rhyncosporium with some disease starting to develop in the other winter barley varieties. Plenty of brown rust still hanging on in the bottom leaves of most untreated varieties with some treated plots also affected.

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