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Keep your eyes peeled for pea and bean weevil

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Pea and bean weevil

Variety - Various

Date - 30/03/17

Pea and Bean Weevil seen starting to move in to the crops at Rougham. Up to 5 Weevils on boundary plants.

Attacks to spring sown peas and beans cause the greatest yield reductions; backward crops are also at high risk. The PGRO have noticed that this pest has become more difficult to control in recent seasons.
Pyrethroid performance and efficacy varies. To achieve the best results Syngenta advises applying HALLMARK ZEON at the first signs of leaf notching (75 ml/ha) and repeat after 2 weeks (75 ml/ha) if damage continues.
This will prevent feeding on the leaves, disrupt egg laying and reduce subsequent larval feeding on the root nodules.

Max Hazell