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Hybrid barley at Newark receives first split of Nitrogen

Innovation Centres
Hybrid barley vs. conventional at Newark

Location – Newark Innovation Centre

Variety – HYVIDO Bazooka

Date – 22.02.2016


Hybrid barley is looking greener at our Newark Innovation Centre, scavenging for nutrients, which is a useful addition in a situation where travelling has to be delayed e.g. heavy black-grass land. It received its first split of Nitrogen this week. HYVIDO® grows vigorously in the spring, so it is essential that Nitrogen is available early enough to support this. We recommend applying Nitrogen in 3 splits (30%:50%:20%), with the first Nitrogen split as soon as you can travel in the spring (approx. GS25); the second at or just before GS31, typically 3-4 weeks after the first application; and the final split 2-3 weeks after the second application. ​​If the weather allows, Nitrogen application programmes should typically be complete by the end of April at the latest.

Newark barley

Tom Clark