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Heavy rainfall and warm weather spurs on disease at Newark

Innovation Centres
Yellow rust is spreading through untreated plots at Newark
Yellow rust is spreading through untreated plots at Newark

To help farmers and agronomists make informed decisions about their crops, we are putting traditional fungicide programmes to the test against adaptive disease management plans. At our Syngenta Innovation Centre in Newark, Lincolnshire, the recent heavy rainfall has caused a rapid spread of disease in the untreated plots.

Yellow rust has a firm hold on the untreated plots (above left), made all the more obvious when seen alongside the treated plot (above right) of one variety of winter wheat.


Brown rust is the predominant disease in untreated winter barley (above left), with the treated plots looking much cleaner (above right).


Septoria is also spreading through untreated plots (above left), with 25-50% on leaf three. It is also beginning to appear on leaf two. However, the treated plots are looking much healthier (above right).


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