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Hampshire Innovation Centre Open Day

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Solatenol Ian Hamilton

Hyvido hybrid barley is proving itself again this season, looking full of potential for the upcoming harvest. The newly recommended Hyvido varieties Belfry and Bazooka were on show at Hampshire, alongside the candidate Sunningdale. Hyvido is a useful tool as part of an integrated approach to black-grass management, outcompeting black-grass and reducing seed return. Hyvido is also demonstrating great standing power, as a result of its stiff straw, which was evident in the drilling date trial below.  

Glacier V Bazooka

Above: Driling date trial comparing Glacier against Hyvido

The open day offered an great opportunity to have a look at the Syngenta spring barley varieties, including the very popular Propino, Fairing and new variety Laureate, which has excellent malting and distilling potential. Visitors were also introduced to our new group 4 winter wheat Graham, which has a great resistance profile, providing a good platform for a robust fungicide programme. 

Graham Board Hampshire

And not forgetting our new SDHI fungicide Solatenol, providing that additional level of protection at the T2 timing for extra green leaf area.

 Solatenol Tour


A formal application for the approval of SOLATENOL™ has been submitted to HSE-CRD for evaluation. SOLATENOL™ is a registered trademark of Syngenta.