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Gout Fly damage spotted at Hampshire Innovation Centre

Innovation Centres
Gout fly damage

Gout fly damage at Hampshire Innovation Centre

Location – Hampshire Innovation Centre

Date – 04.03.2016

Variety – Claire (Winter Wheat)

BBCH – Mid-tillering

Above are some pictures of Gout Fly damage observed at the Hampshire Innovation Centre. The crop was drilled relatively early at the back end of September.

Gout fly (Chlorops Pumilionis) is becoming a more common problem in wheat, particularly on early drilled crops, hence the site at Hampshire was susceptible to attack. The damage caused by Gout Fly from larvae feeding in the stem appears as a swelling of the shoot at the base of the plants. This makes the plant look similar to a spring onion. There are two generations of Gout Fly annually, one in the autumn (which is causing the damage seen in the photos) and another in the spring which will affect ear emergence.

Crops attacked by the autumn generation generally seem to recover without significant yield loss. An insecticide seed treatment against BYDV and a pyrethroid foliar insecticide such as HALLMARK ZEON can give incidental and partial control of gout fly and may reduce the likelihood of damage from the spring generation.