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Gearing up for T0 in Oxfordshire

Innovation Centres
Plots at Oxford Innovation Centre

Location - Oxfordshire

Date - 21.03.2017

Winter Wheat

Plots currently at GS<30; expect to spray T0 in 7-10 days.

Yellow rust spreading (see below), also plenty of Septoria in plots.

Oxford yellow rust

Winter Barley

Plots at GS30: T0 imminent

Net Blotch and trace of Brown Rust in Winter Barley.

Net Blotch caused by splash-borne spores is characterised by short brown stripes or blotches with a network of darker lines at random on the leaves. The disease tends to produce 'stripe' symptoms or 'netting' symptoms which are distinctly different in appearance.

Oxford net blotch

A T0 could be particularly important since lower leaves in barley contribute more to yield than in winter wheat, so there is a need to keep disease out from an early stage. With the vigorous canopy growth and high yield potential of hybrid barley, keeping its lower leaves clean can be especially useful.

A T0 of KAYAK (cyprodinil) will be applied against Net Blotch and Rhynchosporium, and it will be tank-mixed with fenpropimorph where rust and / or mildew can be found. Importantly, these fungicides utilise different chemistry to SDHIs, triazoles and strobilurins that may be used later in the season, which is useful for resistance management.