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Cereal diseases evident in plots at Hampshire site

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Hampshire Rhynchosporium
Rhynchosporium evident in certain winter barley varieties in Hampshire

Location - Hampshire

Date - 23.03.17

Winter Wheat

Winter Wheat plots at GS<30; T0 in 7-10 days. No yellow rust present, but plenty of Septoria

Winter Barley

Winter Barley at GS30: T0 imminent.

Rhynchosporium, Net Blotch and trace of Brown Rust as well as mildew in Winter Barley.

Rhynchosporium causes scald-like lesions on leaves, with early symptoms generally appearing as pale green oval lesions. As the lesions age they acquire a dark brown margin, with the centre of the lesion remaining pale green or pale brown. Lesions often coalesce forming large areas around which leaf yellowing is very common. Infection often occurs in the leaf axil which can cause chlorosis and eventual death of the rest of the leaf.

Spring Barley

Seven days after drilling and the spring barley has chitted:

Spring barley chitted