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Brown rust survives the snow in Hampshire

Innovation Centres
Brown rust seen last week in the winter wheat plots (l) at a Syngenta platform site in Hampshire, having been first spotted last November (r).

Brown rust was first spotted in winter wheat last November.  Despite last week’s snow, it’s still there. It doesn’t appear to be inhibiting its growth though, with the crop looking fairly forward at this stage.

Close-up photos of fairly forwards winter wheat plants

The commercial crop was drilled early October, and the variety plots a few days later. The cold snap slowed growth and disease, but clearly has not removed disease inoculum in susceptible varieties. As temperatures warm up, crops should be monitored for disease development and T0 sprays planned accordingly as the crops move into stem extension. In our ‘adaptive disease management’ plots, where rust is present, we’ll be applying Cherokee at an appropriate rate to cover this and protect against septoria.

Senior Field Tech Manager, Iain Hamilton

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