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Black-grass research uncovered - video update

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Barton grassweeddiaries Jan 2019
Watch what the Barton Black-grass Focus Site has in store for this season, with new research and innovative trials. Click on the link below to watch.

See what’s new on the UKs most comprehensive multi-year, integrated black-grass control trials site.

Now into third year of a dynamic layered approach to cultivations/establishment systems/crop/variety and herbicide trials, the Barton Black-grass Focus Site, near Cambridge, has a host of new ideas for the coming season.

See what's on trial at Barton this season. Click here or on the image below:

Barton grassweeddiaries Jan 2019

Syngenta Field Technical Manager, James Southgate, highlighted that grass weed seed dormancy was exceptionally low after harvest, which has offered a real chance to take great advantage of cultural controls.

This season some of the pioneering work to give growers practical solutions include:

  • Assessing effects of surface trash on herbicide applications – across various cultivation and establishment systems
  • Looking at performance of different commercial drills for establishment
  • Row spacing effects and seed rates to shade or out compete Black-grass
  • How do cover crops influence Black-grass populations and control?
  • Innovative covers and irrigation to understand the role of soil moisture on herbicide performance

“With several years of results at Barton we are building up a really good picture of techniques that growers could look at for their farms; the control that can be achieved and, crucially, the financial implications for the current crop and longer term sustainable grass weed control.

“With every farm facing a different scenario there’s no one clear answer,” he added. “But with so many options and alternatives being studied, there is something for everyone to be seen and discussed.”  

Furthermore, with three years of application trials on the site – which inspired the Low; Slow; Covered approach to pre-em techniques – further exciting work is looking at new nozzle options and techniques to cope with gusty conditions.

There's also a great chance to see and hear more about the trials and the results at one of the Barton Open Days this summer. Click on the links below for your chance to visit:

Wednesday 05 June 2019 - 08:45am – 12.00pm

Tuesday 18 June 2019 - 08:45am – 12.00pm