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Seven new cereal varieties to feature in Syngenta plots at Cereals 2019

Electrum winter barley

Seven new cereal varieties will be showcased in plots on the Syngenta stand at this year’s Cereals Event (12 and 13 June 2019, Boothby Graffoe, Lincolnshire) – six new barleys and a new winter wheat.

Preview of new winter wheat

New winter wheat SY Insitor is a high-yielding feed variety being previewed on the stand that offers a potentially wide drilling window, based on Syngenta observations, says Syngenta marketing manager for conventional varieties, Tracy Creasy.

Currently it is on the AHDB candidate variety list. If recommended towards the end of 2019, SY Insitor will join the ranks of other important winter feed wheats Syngenta has introduced over recent years that combine high yield with other functionality, says Mrs Creasy, such as Graham, Gleam and Shabras. For example, the prolific tillering ability of Shabras is now being evaluated for black-grass suppression, she adds.

Plots of all four varieties will feature on the stand.

Three new hybrid barleys

Continuing its success in hybrid barley breeding, Syngenta will also showcase plots of three new hybrid barleys.

Hybrids SY Kingsbarn and SY Baracooda were both newly-added to the AHDB Recommended List for 2019/20. Both offer a step up in UK treated yield over the popular UK hybrid, Bazooka, says Syngenta marketing manager for hybrids, Mark Bullen, with Kingsbarn also offering improved specific weight.

“The third new hybrid on the stand, SY Kingston, is currently on the AHDB candidate variety list,” says Mr Bullen. “So the Cereals Event will provide an early opportunity for growers to see it, prior to any decision over its recommendation later this year.”

New malting barleys

With its heritage in successful malting barley breeding, Syngenta will also exhibit plots of three new potential malting barley varieties.

With strong whisky demand, the first is an exciting new winter barley variety that could have malting potential for distilling, the company says.

“Currently, the only varieties with approval for distilling on the Malting Barley Committee (MBC) Approved List are spring varieties,” says Syngenta marketing manager for conventional varieties, Tracy Creasy. “A winter variety that can be used for distilling and grown in England and Scotland would spread risk for growers and end users alike.”

Other winter malting barley plots on the Syngenta stand will include high-yielding variety Electrum. Currently classified as Provisional Approval 1 for brewing use on the MBC Approved List of varieties, Syngenta hopes Electrum will soon be upgraded, Mrs Creasy adds.

Finally in the malting sector, two new Syngenta spring barley varieties selected as potential malting varieties on the AHDB candidate list, SY Tungsten and SY Splendor, will also feature in plots on the stand.