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Seeing is Believing at Cereals 2016

SEM Healthy Wheat

With the arable event of the year just around the corner, we are eager to share our exciting new technologies with you! 

Join us on our journey to discover how we can help you maximise your return on farm. Our resident field technical experts will be on hand to discuss how we can help you manage black-grass through our Hyvido™ hybrid barley and Defy 3D nozzle technologies. 

We understand that varieties help you respond to some of the key agronomic and economic challenges faced on farm through high yield production and enhanced disease control, which is why we are delighted to be exhibiting FIVE new cereal varieties! Our varieties include spring barley (Fairing and Laureate), Hyvido™ (Bazooka and Belfry) and winter wheat (Graham). 

If this isn’t enough, we are proud to preview our exciting new SDHI cereal fungicide SOLATENOL™, which we will be bringing to the market after a 15 year journey from lab to field.  By providing exceptional control of key cereal diseases across different varieties, crops and disease situations, SOLATENOL™ enhances yield, delivering complete leaf protection from inside and outside the leaf. Come and talk to us about what SOLATENOL™ can deliver for you on farm.

Visit us at stand 117, next to the Sprays and Sprayers arena, to discuss what our new technology can do to help you maximise return on your farm! 


*A formal application for the approval of SOLATENOL™ has been submitted to HSE-CRD for evaluation.


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