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Product innovation on show at Cereals 2017

Neal Bird explains why biokinetics and microscopy are key to success

Exceptional insight into a fungicide’s ability to control disease will be on show at the Cereals Event this year as Syngenta highlight how their innovative product pipeline and substantial investment into R and D is delivering exciting new products to the market.  

In a competitive market-place, it’s no longer just about discovering an active and pushing it to market. It’s about the insight and understanding developed during the process, and how growers can utilise this knowledge.

Neal Bird, formulation group leader at Syngenta’s dedicated research site, Jealotts Hill, explains the importance of product formulation in ensuring a product can be used by growers on a large scale, across multiple locations, varieties and crop types.

“In order for the active ingredient in any crop protection product to do the required job, it needs to be able to get to and target the right part of the crop.

“And in the case of Syngenta’s SDHI fungicide, ELATUS™ ERA, this means ensuring the active ingredient can be delivered onto the leaf surface and into the leaf where it can be active against Septoria and rust fungal spores,” says Mr Bird. 

“For our formulation team to be able to achieve this, it’s really important we understand the damage that can be done to crops from the diseases we’re targeting, as well as understanding how the active ingredient moves within a plant.”

For ELATUS ERA, this has been at the centre of the 15-year R and D journey.

Mr Bird explains that the collaborative relationship with both the microscopy and biokinetics teams at Jealotts Hill is a unique approach to product development. “It has enabled us to bring a powerful product to market, that delivers persistent disease control across multiple varieties and locations, under different disease pressure years.

“This relationship has helped us develop a complete understanding of the basic physical chemistry of the molecules and how it will be applied at a farm level, helping inform our decision of which formulation will work best for growers.”

The Cereals Event on the 14 and 15 June in Lincolnshire is an opportunity to speak to Syngenta about how the lessons learned during the R and D process can be put to good use on-farm.

Andrew Curtis, cereal fungicide campaign manager, explains that the event this year will be an opportunity for growers to experience how ELATUS™ ERA is delivering excellent control of both Septoria and rusts in its first season following registration.  

“The Cereals Event will give visitors the chance to understand and visualise how the science behind ELATUS ERA is delivering the desired, broad-spectrum disease control and protecting yields. It will also be an opportunity to see just how important a preventive approach to disease control is through our unique microscopy images,” says Mr Curtis.

Syngenta will be located opposite the sprays and sprayers arena. Stand number 118.