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Netherlands Fields of Innovation show the future of sustainable vegetable varieties

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Vegetable growers can look to Syngenta’s new variety innovation on show at the Fields of Innovation event to help meet the key challenges of climate change and labour availability over the coming seasons.

Syngenta Fields of Innovation takes place in the Netherlands on 24-26 September, showcasing exciting new varieties and future developments in vegetable production

New varieties in brassica, squash, onion and leafy crops, coming to fruition at this year’s event, have been selected specifically to help sustainable business growth for growers and the whole value chain.

Exciting new Syngenta brassica varieties on show that include cauliflower, cabbage and Brussels sprouts selected to enable more efficient growing, mechanical harvesting and processing – aiming to reduce costs and assure timely harvesting of high quality produce.

Extending Syngenta Vegetable Seeds integration with growers’ whole production systems, this year’s Fields of Innovation will also feature the latest in-field working displays of mechanical harvesting techniques.

Furthermore, responding to the threats posed by extreme weather events from climate change, new Syngenta Champion cabbage varieties at Fields of Innovation are proven to perform well through prolonged dry periods. Along with new heat tolerant cauliflower varieties, producing reliable yields of high quality curds under difficult conditions.

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For leafy crop growers, Fields of Innovation offers the chance to see outstanding high yielding varieties across all types. The focus is on excellent field performance with powerful natural disease resistances, in conjunction with exceptional packing and processing.

Syngenta lettuce, baby leaf and spinach now offer higher yield, better shelf life, greater volume when packed and higher consumer preference.

This year, visitors will also be able to see hydroponic lettuces growing at Fields of Innovation.

Among the other vegetable varieties on show will be the launch of a new squash variety, combining a stunning yield with intermediate resistance to four viruses – further extending Syngenta’s market leading offering and extending growers’ choices for harvesting period.

And stretching the variety portfolio, will be the first intermediate red onion from Syngenta, along with onions selected to meeting the challenges of growers, from long-day production in North-West Europe, right down to intermediate varieties for Africa and the Middle East.

Syngenta Vegetables Week 39 event 2019

Looking to welcome more than 1200 visitors from over 50 countries to the Fields of Innovation, Syngenta Head EAME Vegetable Seeds, Arend Schot, said: “Our genetics help growers increase marketable yield in a sustainable way.

"Our passion for innovation supports the complete chain to meet consumer demand for high quality vegetables all year round,” he added.

Syngenta’s International specialists from across the world will be on hand to guide visitors through their visit to the Fields of Innovation.

Contact [email protected] for more details about attending the Netherlands Fields of Innovation

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