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Making the Most of your EFAs

Bees N Seeds mix
New rules on EFA management will have a significant impact for farm operation, but they still offer an important ecological resuorce. A series of CFE events will offer practical advice and tips to help growers

New rules on the management of EFAs come into place on 1 January 2018 – and already have an implication for some crops being sown now.

To get the latest guidance on Greening and discuss managing some Ecological Focus Areas options without plant protection products, the Campaign for the Farmed Environment (CFE) has organised a series of free events – supported by Syngenta and Kings.





GWCT, Loddington, Leicestershire

27 November

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Ness Hall, Castle Howard Estate, Yorkshire

6 December

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Coppid Farming Enterprises, Dunsden, Reading, Berks

7 December

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“Without plant protection products, nitrogen fixing crops will be more challenging to grow,” reported Anna Cuckow of CFE.

“Now is the time to review your options for 2018 and decide how you will meet your EFA requirements,” she advocated.

Host farmer at the GWCT, Phil Jarvis, highlighted the tour of GWCT Allerton Project’s EFA fallow plots, all being managed without PPPs, would give the chance for growers and agronomists to gain some management top tips.

Phil Jarvis - GWCT

“Wild bird seed mixes can benefit your shoot and help farm birds survive the winter," he pointed out. "Pollen and nectar mixes can last several years and be a great use of your least productive land whilst supporting crop pollinators and other beneficial insects."

“There is still a huge amount of potential for your EFA to benefit your business and help farm wildlife,” Phil urged.

“There will also be chance to look at and discuss cover crops, another EFA option,” he added.

See how Phil Jarvis and the GWCT believe EFA management can help wild birds and ecology on the farm

The CFE pointed out that if a grower has more than 15 ha of arable land, then 5% of the area must be allocated to EFA features under the new regulations. The ban on use of plant protection products on EFA fallow land and some other options comes into force on 1 January 2018.