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ELATUS™ ERA Brazil arable competition trip highlights

Soy bean rust catalysed the creation of ELATUS™ ERA

Having won Syngenta’s competition as part of the launch of their new SDHI cereal fungicide, ELATUS™ ERA, Mr Scarratt who manages 2,600 acres on behalf of EW Porter and Son in Norfolk visited the country recently, with a close farming friend, and reports on what he saw.

“I was expecting to see third world farming, but I was so wrong,” says Mr Scarratt.

Organised by Syngenta, Mr Scarratt visited four very different farm systems varying in size, as well as visiting local research centres and seeing some of the ‘must see’ sights of the country.

“We were taken to farms that ranged from 50 hectares right up to 7,000 hectares, which for us was incredible to see. From what we saw, they were all using the latest technology and crop protection inputs, which was something I wasn’t expecting.

“The climate in Brazil means that maize and soya are the main crops grown out there, with three crops per year not uncommon. But, like the UK they have their own challenges to overcome. 

“For example, soya growers have a big problem with soya bean rust, similar to how arable growers have a continual battle with Septoria and yellow rust in the UK. But, innovations including the launch of ELATUS™ ERA, have really made a big difference for growers and their ability to keep on top of the problem.

“Erosion is another problem they have to manage. Their annual rainfall averages 1,800mm, with much of it falling as tropical storms in very short, intensive bursts.

“Therefore, cultivation is very minimal and fields are commonly drilled cross ways. Having seen this work on a vast scale in Brazil, this is something I am keen to investigate more for our system, to see if we could make it work,” says Mr Scarratt.

Andrew Curtis, cereal fungicide campaign manager explains, “Brazil was the first country where ELATUS™ ERA was first launched for the control of soya bean rust.

“We know that ELATUS™ ERA can deliver exceptional disease control, as has been seen across the world and in extensive trials across the UK and Europe. And nowhere better showcases this than Brazil, where they’ve had three seasons of experience, hence the reason for linking the competition prize with the country.

“It’s great to hear that Jim has taken so much away from the trip, and we’re excited to see the performance of ELATUS™ ERA in UK crops this coming season following registration late last year,” says Mr Curtis.