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The Big Experiment goes down a storm at Cereals 17

The Big Experiment Vibrance Duo

Were you at The Cereals Event this summer? You may have noticed "The Big Experiment" going on at the Syngenta stand and wondered what all the fuss was about...

Over the two days in June we ran an activity called The Big Experiment to asses the rooting power of the new Syngenta seed treatment: Vibrance® Duo. This involved planting a Vibrance® Duo treated seed and a prothioconazole treated seed in a repurposed ant farm - the "desktop rhizotron" is born!

With your help we managed to construct 110 of these desktop rhizotrons and every single one was carefully transported home for observation. At 7 days after planting we took a photo of each rhizotron to observe the growth of the two seeds with different seed treatments, all 110 are available to view here.

But the journey didn't end here! The desktop rhizotrons were then sent to ADAS for independent assessment of root length, shoot length, surface area and root diameter. ADAS found that Vibrance® Duo increased both root and shoot length. The roots from Vibrance® Duo treated seeds were also found to have a significantly smaller diameter meaning that your crops could have more root length of a finer diameter! Keep reading for the full results:

Root Length

Root Length - prothioconazole vs Vibrance Duo  

Shoot Length

Shoot length - prothioconazole vs Vibrance Duo











A big thank you to all that took part!