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Top yields for SY Insitor on Hampshire farm

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SY Insitor

Hampshire grower Richard Monk achieved a barn-busting yield from the new Syngenta winter wheat variety, SY Insitor, in his first year of growing it for seed for the 2019 harvest.

An experienced seed grower farming a total of 1,250 ha at Rookley Farm near Stockbridge, the SY Insitor yield of 12 t/ha, which was measured over the farm’s weighbridge, was at least 1 t/ha above that typically achieved from winter wheat on the farm.

“It was a very good yield at 12 t/ha,” Richard confirms. “We normally get 10-11 t/ha from winter wheat.”

The 25 ha of SY Insitor, which was planted in early October after two years of grass grown for seed, also delivered a specific weight of 78 kg/hl on the farm’s chalky soil.

Maturity-wise, SY Insitor was harvested at a similar time to a seed crop of Graham, which had also been planted in the same field at a similar time. “Graham also did pretty well,” Richard says.

Other Syngenta varieties grown for seed on the farm included Gleam and Shabras. For 2020 harvest we are growing Gleam again as well as a newer candidate variety called SY Clipper.