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Tomorrow’s world of spray technology at LAMMA 2019

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Syngenta LAMMA stand - Tomorrows World
See Tomorrows World of new farming technologies on the Syngenta stand at LAMMA 2019

Precision spray application is now a reality to deliver a step change in crop agronomy and achieve more efficient results from crop inputs.

See tomorrow’s world of spray technology today

on Syngenta stand No. 10.300, Hall 10 at LAMMA 2019

Birmingham NEC, 8 & 9 January

Having pioneered many of today’s practical application techniques, LAMMA 2019 will be the showcase for Syngenta’s continued investment and research into smart innovations to further improve the precision and performance of future applications.   

Some of the innovative Syngenta precision application R&D on show at LAMMA 2019 will include:

  • New 90% Drift Reduction Technology nozzle research
  • Variable rate application to manage crop growth
  • Spot weeding among growing crops
  • UV light surface coverage assessment

Syngenta New Farm Technologies specialist, James Thomas, believed the pace of change in precision application technology is poised to change the way sprays are applied. “Changes are being driven by growers’ demands to be ever more efficient, along with legislative pressure to be better and more targeted."

ultrafluorogenic spray desposition detection

“Some of these new innovations will be standard farm practice in the future,” he pointed out.

“LAMMA 2019 will be a first chance for growers, agronomists and operators to see and discuss the potential.”   

Some new developments are a culmination of Syngenta’s own application research capability, along with smart collaborations with commercial companies.

James Thomas

“This approach has given some highly innovative and inspirational small businesses access to skills and scale to develop their ideas,” highlighted James.

“Whilst working with established machinery manufacturers ensures developments can be brought onto farm quickly, cost effectively and with full support.” 


See tomorrow’s world of spray technology today, on Syngenta stand No.10.300, Hall 10 at LAMMA 2019 – to take place at NEC, Birmingham on 8 & 9 January 2019. Click on the logo above to register and get your free tickets.