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Sunflower maze shows the way to raise NHS funds

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Olly Harrison NHS sunflowers

The sun always shines for Lancashire farmer, Olly Harrison, at this time of year. 

This season he has seven hectares of sunflowers, which are creating a mass of brilliant colour in full flower.

Olly Harrison sunflower image

And having also created a complex sunflower maze for visitors to the farm at Tarbock, 10 miles east of Liverpool, he’s now raising valuable funds from farm visitors for the NHS too. 

Olly Harrison

"When a clap didn't seem enough, we decided to #sayitwithsunflowers," said Olly (above).

"The idea was to do something that would last and be seen for a long time, especially from the air as we are on the flight path." 

Olly's sunflower seed for the maze has been donated by Syngenta Operation Pollinator. Sunflowers are included in the Bees'n'Seeds mix, to provide winter bird feed,

The huge maze has already attracted hundreds of visitors, with more booking spaces through its dedicated website. But he warns the British summer means the beauty might not last long, and encourages anyone interested to come along quick. Half the venture's profits will be donated to the NHS and its charitable partners.

Olly Harrison bee on sunflower

Syngenta Operation Pollinator manager, Belinda Bailey, added: "sunflowers bring a real smile whenever anyone sees them in field margins and conservation areas. 

"When they are sown in conservation mixes the seeds can keep on feeding birds long into the winter." 

You can follow turf progress of Olly Harrison's sunflower maze on his Twitter page: @agricontact #soilsaver

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