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Scottish farmer wins Tillage Live nozzle prize

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William Orr - Forfar grower
Fitting 90% Drift Reduction Technology nozzles has already made an impact for better targeting spray applications, reported William Orr

Forfar farmer, William Orr, was the lucky winner of a set of 90% Drift Reduction Technology nozzles, in the Syngenta Tillage Live draw.

Operating a John Deere 832 trailed sprayer at West Mains Farm, Finavon, his arable cropping includes, wheat, barley, oilseed rape and potatoes.

William Orr - Forfar grower

Farming north of Dundee and 20 miles from the Atlantic coast, exposed fields are frequently susceptible to wind.

William's new Teejet TTi 110-05 90% DRT Nozzles have been fitted in place of previous low-drift design nozzles, the differences between which he’s described as: ‘like night and day’.

With the new nozzles drift had been effecttivley eliminated, and appeared to be doing a tremendous job, he reported.

Syngenta Area Manager, Katie Murray, highlighted that designs of low drift nozzle technology have developed very rapidly in recent years, with significant investment by all the manufacturers to optimise drift reduction, whilst maintaining effective coverage of targets.

TTI Nozzles working

“Recommendations for practical use of 90% DRT Nozzles have also been refined, based on Syngenta application trials and field experience,” she advised.

“One of the key aspects is that higher water volumes, typically of 200 l/ha, appear to be consistently delivering better coverage and results,” pointed out Katie.

The on-going Syngenta grassweed research has reinforced the messages for pre-emergence herbicide application using the 90% Nozzles, to Go Low; Go Slow and Get Covered.

There is another chance to win a set of free 90% DRT Nozzles at this year’s CropTec event. Click here for details