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Time it right- How persistent is your fungicide?


There is plenty of inoculum already in cereal crops this year, with reports of Septoria and Rust in winter wheat and Rhynchosporium, Net Blotch and Brown Rust present in susceptible winter barley.

In order to maintain optimum yields and maximise crop potential, it is more important than ever to minimise risk by staying on the front foot against disease from an early stage.

Ensuring accurate timings of spray applications is key to maximising the impact of fungicides.

To help understand the importance of spray application timings, we are spraying crops across the country with blue spray paint the same time as fungicides have been applied, so we can show the difference in leaf emergence between fungicide spray timings.

Syngenta Area Manager, Duncan Woodward tried this recently at a pre-T0 timing on a crop of Cordiale in Dorset (drilled 10th October) to show the importance of spray application timings:

“I was debating the best timing for T0 ...should we go pre-Easter before wet weather/storm or wait till after but run the risk of a prolonged wet spell interfering with getting the T0 applied.”

On 22nd March crop dissection showed that leaf 4 was only 2/3rds emerged on the most forward tillers and the blue paint was sprayed as a reference. 16 days later, leaf 4 was fully emerged and the tip of leaf 3 had emerged on forward tillers.

"This trial highlights the importance of knowing which leaf you are targeting at each spray timing and the need to ensure accurate spray timings to make certain the correct leaves are protected at each timing.”                                                          


Blue paint
Blue Paint Sprayed 22nd March- leaf 4 2/3rds emerged16 days later leaf 4 and tip of leaf 3 emerged 


The longer the interval between spray timings, the more important persistent chemistry becomes. We would recommend Keystone (+ Bravo) for a persistent T1, but check out Syngenta’s Decision Trees to fully understand our recommendations for you this year.

Why not try our spray paint idea yourself and send us a Tweet @syngentacropsuk to let us know how you get on #timeitright.